CC at the 3-Country-Marathon
3 groups of CleanControlling participated in the
VN TEAM competition and 2 participants in the Skinfit half marathon.


Photo shows: Andreas Marggrander, Niklas Burger, Astrid Kohl, Kenny Staiger, Katharina Streichert, Heike Grefe, Yasemin Müller, Georg Posseldt, Volker Burger, Frank Wissler, Marc Erbrich - Impressions of the event ->


place 13 - CleanControlling 1
place 16 - CleanControlling 3
Place 17  -CleanControlling 2

Marco Erbrich and Frank Wissler have successfully completed the Skinfit half marathon.

CC active at run&fun 2016, Tuttlingen

CleanControlling participated at the run&fun relay Marathon 2016.
Impressions you see below or here.

CleanControlling beim Werma Kraftstein-Battle

CC mit viel Spaß dabei, beim "ziemlich unreinen" Werma Kraftstein-Battle. 

CleanControlling at Werma Kraftstein-Battle

CC had a lot of fun at the "pretty dirty" Werma Kraftstein-Battle.

CC aktiv at Run&Fun 2015, Tuttlingen

Employees of CleanControlling participated on June, 14th  at the Run&Fun relay Marathon.
Impressions You find here.

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9. Congress Technical cleanliness
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Representative of the Federal Bundestag (MdB) Volker Kauder at CleanControlling

CleanControlling inaugurates new company building -  more Infos You find here.

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