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  • Particle trap - Particles that settle on the traps become permanently attached to the filter pad.
  • The particle stamp collects particles from surfaces and permanently fixes them to the adhesive pad.

  • The stand allows easy placement of the particles traps in different heights.

  • The mounting bracket allows the rapid and optimal placement of the particle traps at the desired position.

More products from our product range: 

Characteristics / function:
Powder coated aluminium profile tube, cast-iron base, quick release inside the base, optimal stability, high-quality and self-retracting webbing belt..
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Characteristics / function:
Integriert in einer 2 mm starken Edelstahlwanne, Rundborsten in definierten Abständen zur Reinigung von Arbeitsschuhen mit grobem Profil.
Beim Betreten und Übergehen reiben die Borsten Verschmutzungen von den Schuhsohlen der
Arbeitsschuhe ab.
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